League Sign Up Form

League Overview

The league will begin with our kick-off party on Monday, January 14, 2019 from 6pm to 8pm. This is an opportunity for everyone to meet, experience the TrackMan technology, and enjoy  drinks and appetizers from DBGB. The cost is $350 per team. Teams will also schedule time during the week to complete their first 9-hole match. We recommend signing up as early as possible to guarantee availability.

Each week, teams will receive points for how they placed. The team with the best score will receive the most points and the team with the worst score will receive the least. Tiebreakers will be determined by scorecard playoff. Every week will feature a different course and a different scoring format.

Course Format

Week 1 (Jan 15 – Jan 20,  2019)
Course: Sea Island Seaside, Georgia (Back 9)
Format: Stroke Play/Best Ball

Week 2 (Jan 21 – Jane 27, 2019)
Course: Innisbrook Copperhead, Florida (Back 9)
Format: Modified Stableford Scoring/Total Points

Week 3 (Jan 28 – Feb 3, 2019)
Course: Royal Birkdale, Scotland  (Back 9)
Format: Stroke Play/2-Ball Scramble

Final (Feb 4, 2019 6-8 PM)
Course: Albany Golf Club, Bahamas (18 Holes)
Format: Match Play/Alternate Shot

The top two teams will compete in the final. Everyone is invited to watch and participate in the awards ceremony.


The winning team will receive two 2-hour gift cards (value $440). The second-place team will receive one 1-hour gift card (value $110). Additionally, we will award weekly prizes for longest drive and closest to the pin. These holes will be pre-determined and announced before each round.

At the conclusion of each week there will be an email sent to all participants announcing the standings, prize winners and other information.

Questions? Email info@cityswingdc.com or call 202-902-0983.


When does the league start?

Our league will begin with a kick-off party on January 14, 2019. Week 1 will run from Jan 15-20, week 2 from Jan 21-27, and week 3 from Jan 28-Feb 3. The final match and will be held on February 4 from 6-8 PM.


What does the kick-off party consist of?

Great question! It will be a 2-hour cocktail party for teams to meet and get familiar with using the TrackMan technology.


How much does the league cost?

$350 per team


How do I sign up?

You can use the form on our website to sign up or you can give us a call at 202-902-0983.


How many players are on each team?

Each team can have up to three players.


How many people play each week?

Only two members from your team may play each week. We recommend including a third member on your team in case one player can’t make it on a given week.


What is the format?

Each week will have a different format and scoring system. They are as follows:

Week 1 (Jan 15-Jan 20)
Course: Sea Island Seaside, Georgia (Back 9)
Format: Stroke Play/Best Ball

Week 2 (Jan 21-Jan 27)
Course: Innisbrook Copperhead, Florida (Back 9)
Format: Modified Stableford Scoring/Total Points

Week 3 (Jan 28-Feb 3)
Course: Royal Birkdale, England (Back 9)
Format: Stroke Play/2-Ball Scramble

Final (Feb 4 ,6-8PM)
Course: Albany Golf Club, Bahamas (18 Holes)
Format: Match Play/Alternate Shot


Am I playing against another team?

Yes and no. You are playing against every other team in the standings but when you are using the space at CitySwing it will be just you and your teammate. If you’d like to bring friends to watch your round and act as your own personal gallery you may do so.


Do I have to play the same time every week?

Of course not! Your team will decide what day and time you complete your round in advance. You can choose any day and time during the week.


Do we get any time to warm up?

You have one hour to finish your round. You can spend however much time you’d like warming up but keep in mind, that will take away time from your round.


What if we don’t finish our round in the allotted time?

If for some reason you aren’t able to finish 9 holes in an hour, you will receive a double bogey for each hole that was not completed.


Is there a max score per hole?

Yes. Double bogey.


Which tees do we play from?

Men will play from the tournament tees. These tees play between 6,500-6,700 yards. Women will play from the ladies’/forward tees. These tees play between 5,000-5,700 yards. The final will be played from the championship tees at 7,317 yards for the men and the ladies’ tees at 5,369 yards for the women.


Do we putt every hole out?

There’s no putting. When a player reaches the green, TrackMan will assign between 1-3 putts, depending on proximity to the hole. If you are inside of 8 feet you will be given a 1 putt.


Is it handicap adjusted?



Are mulligans allowed?



What if the simulator misreads my shot?

Our technology is amazing, but it is still a machine and sometimes it does misread a shot. The discretion will be of the CitySwing team member to decide whether to give a mulligan or not. All CitySwing team member decisions are final.


What is the level of competition?

All skill levels are welcome!


What if there’s a tie?

If there’s a tie between two or more teams during the week, we will use the hole handicap to break the tie. Whichever team records the lowest score on the most difficult handicap hole will win the tie breaker. If there is still a tie, we will go to the next most difficult handicap hole until a winner is determined. If there is a tie going into the championship round, we will use the results from Week 3 to determine the finalists.


Are there weekly prizes?

Yes! Each week there will be a long drive and closest to the pin hole that will be predetermined. Winners will be given their prizes the following week.


Are clubs provided?

You know it! We have clubs, gloves, tees and balls for all teams to use. You are allowed to bring your own equipment if you choose to do so. If you do bring your own clubs, we ask that you arrive 10 minutes early so we can clean them.


Do you use real balls?

They sure are. Yes! Our TrackMan Simulator does not require chips inside or any alteration to the golf balls. You are welcome to use your own golf balls, or we have balls available.


Can I store my equipment at CitySwing?

Absolutely. If you’d like to leave your equipment with us over the course of the league season, you are more than welcome to do so. We will charge a $10 fee per person for this service.